How To Become A Baker

The decision to become a baker is an excellent one, particularly if you enjoy making things with your hands, rising early in the mornings and pleasing others with tasty treats. Becoming a baker can be a simple task, but depending on the career path of choice, you may need to get an advanced education.

Step One – Apply for a Training Position or Apprenticeship

You may already know how to create a delicious loaf of bread, donut or cake, but working in an actual bakery and serving real customers is an experience of its own. In order to learn the ins and outs of the career, you should consider applying for a training position or apprenticeship in your local bakery. This way, you will gain the experience necessary for creating products in high volumes; you will learn to operate machinery, mix ingredients and bake specialty products according to consumer demand.

Step Two – Enroll in Courses or Earn a Degree in Baking

If you just want to take a few courses in baking, your local community college or vocational school is a great place to start. In fact, if you are applying for a position with a local bakery, you may even qualify for tuition reimbursement in exchange for a contractual obligation to work for your employer for a set amount of time. If you want to earn an actual degree in baking, you should look into the various culinary schools across the country. Here, you will learn not only the basics of baking, but also the art involved with creating delicacies that are unique as well as delicious.

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Step Three – Take a Course in Basic Nutrition

If you are enrolled in a culinary school, then a basic nutrition course will likely be included in your studies. However, if you are simply learning on-the-job or taking a few courses at your local community college, then you will need to take this course separately. After taking this course, you will better understand how the ingredients used in your products will affect your customers’ health. You will also learn how to bake condition-friendly products such as sugar-free cakes and gluten-free products for people with allergies.

Step Four – Get Your Certification

The Retail Bakers of America offers four different levels of certification you can achieve, and while they certainly look appealing on your resume, they will also offer you additional learning experiences. The four levels are Retail Sales, Baking Sanitation, Staff Training and Management. As such, with these certifications, you can not only bake goods for retail sale, but you can also learn how to operate and manage your very own bakery.

Step Five – Choose Your Specialization

Finally, once you have fulfilled all of the other tasks, you can determine an area of specialty within the baking field. Some of the things available to you include pastries, breads, cakes, health products, vegan baking, wedding cakes or large-scale baking in commercial facilities. Then, look for jobs within your chosen specialty. Keep in mind that if you choose to specialize in something like pastries, you will need to prove your worth and experience before you will be able to land a job.

After you have completed all of the above steps, you will need to create a resume that lists your experience as well as your credentials. In fact, some employers may ask you to bake treats on-site as part of the application process.

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